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Do you need to do a Background Check on a person ?

The Ultimate Background Check Search is one step up from the "Advanced background check" and includes much more detailed information on a person including the following;

Employment search   -  Locate persons current employer, and or locate persons prior employers.
Cell phone search   -  Search to see if person has a cell phone registered to them, and what the cell phone number is.
Criminal check by state   -  Check if the person has any criminal records by state.
Unlisted telephone search    -  Check if person has an unlisted telephone number or unpublished telephone number.
Corporations by state    -  Locate all corporations /business that the person owns or is associated to.
Marriage and divorce records by county    -  Locate persons marriage records and locate divorce records at persons county.

The Ultimate Background checks from our Detective Agency has a success rate of over 98.9% and is conducted by licensed Private Investigators at our detective Agency. Our Private Investigation Company and private Investigators have many years of experience in due diligence, record searches, public record searches, background research, background checks, background investigation services, criminal history records and many other background checks.... Investigate a person today and order a background check online now....get the facts from our online background checks.

NOTE: The persons social security number is required to order this Background Check.


Search Results you will receive.

  • Persons full name.
  • Persons social security number (Truncated).
  • Most recent reported addres / Current address.
  • Persons Address history for past 12-15 years
  • Current telephone number.
  • Past telephone numbers.
  • Verify Social security number status
  • Drivers license number status.
  • Persons Date of birth.
  • Persons Aliases or AKA's.
  • Other persons using the social security number.
  • Persons Relatives and neighbors.
  • Relatives and neighbors addresses and telephone numbers.
  • When and where the persons social security number was issued.
  • Other records associated with the social security number.
  • Other people associated with the subject such as a wife, son, etc.
  • Other social security numbers used by the subject.
  • Possible relatives and family members.
  • Civil judgments.
  • Person Tax liens.
  • Aircraft ownership.
  • Vehicles registeredProfessional Licenses
  • Boates / Vessels registered. Criminal check by state
  • Unlisted telephone search
  • Corporations by state
  • Marriage and divorce records by county
  • Nationwide bankruptcies.
  • National death records index.
  • Property records.
  • Persons Marriage records.
  • Persons Divorce records.
  • Mail drop identification of subject's addresses.
  • Persons Employment search
  • Cell phone search - Find a Cell Number registered to person
  • And much more information on person.



  • The person being searched must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Person searched must be a US citizen.
  • We need the persons full name (First and last name)
  • Persons social security number is required.
Faqs about this search.
      • The person you search for will not know they were being searched.
      • No Hit - No Fee..... If no info is obtained we refund you all fees.
      • All Investigations Information and search results are completely 100% confidential.
      • All Searches are performed by a private detective at our detective company.
      • All Search results are sent directly to you at the email or fax provided upon ordering.
      • You ONLY pay for our research time and labor and not for the results you receive.
      • Most Search Results are available within 1-5 business days.
      • Most search results are available and returned to clients within 24 hours.   ~

    Find People, Locate people and Find Missing Persons Online today......Order Online Now !  

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Ultimate background check
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