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Custom Turnkey Web Sites



Custom Turnkey Security Product or Security Service Websites

Would you like to start up a new business venture for a minimal investment ?.... We can make you a Hi-Speed Custom Retail Web Site like ours for a fraction of what it may cost you if you would do it on your own. In addition, we will handle the websites maintenance, product shipping, product warehousing and shipping....You can sell our products / services or add your own...If you Order "Your Custom Security Product Website" today, you can have your site up and running in a few's that simple

If you have been considering to start a new business and dont know where to start...and dont want to risk spending a fortune of money like we did developing an E-commerce website or dont want to spend a fortune opening a retail store like we did, our experienced marketing and development department may build you a professionally custom designed, turn key web site with all the services and products you may wish to sell. Our Internet Programmers and E-Commerce Analysts have a combined 90 years of experience on internet sales.....You may have your very own customized online E-Commerce Retail Store up and running in just a few days....even if you dont have any retail or internet experience.....This is a limited time take advantage of this limited time offer because we are limiting the number of Dealers per state....ORDER YOUR VERY OWN CUSTOM TURNKEY SECURITY WEBSITE NOW.

Why Sell Security Products Online?

It is a fact that there is a tremendous advantage of having an online e-commerce business. Thousands and thousands of products are sold online every second of the day. You too can take advantage of this opportunity and sell products worldwide, 24 hours a day. And best of have no employees, no overhead expenses and you can work directly from your home. If you have been thinking about what businees to start you need to first ask yourself what it is that people need or what is in demand. It is a fact, after "911" more people feel insecure and unprotected in our society. By nature, people expect and need to feel secure and have peace of mind for themselves and their family. Statistics proove, that 90% of the U.S population has experienced an increase in crime or have been a victim of crime...or know someone who has ....despite these statistics less than 15% of the population currently own any type of product that would help protect themselves, their family, or their property. This explains why there is a tremendous demand and need for security products and security services. Ask yourself, when was the last time you visited a store with a good selection of security related products? This is the reason why there is a lrge demand and opportunity for selling security products and security services. 

Most Internet businesses will fail between the first two years for the following reasons.


  • their web site is unprofessional and gives the potential client a sense that the business is not professional or legitimate.
  • no one can find their web site. It does not matter how great the products and pricing are if no one finds it.
  • their products are not in demand. It does not matter how great your products are or how good the pricing is if no one needs the products you are selling.
  • their products are readily available in retail stores. If someone can go down to the corner store and purchase the same products you are selling there is less chance of them being bought online.
  • their profit margins are too low. It is hard to survive if you have to sell your products for only a little bit more than what they cost you.
  • their checkout process is too long or too complicated. It is estimated that 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned before the sale is completed.
  • customer service is poor to non-existent. For example, if a customer cannot get a question answered promptly they will probably look elsewhere.
  • they have to spend too much time and money on managing inventory. One of the biggest expenses a new business faces is building up inventory and keeping the right products in stock.
  • they always had to be at their computer or orders would not get processed.
  • their site required too much time to maintain. Adding new products, removing discontinued products, and dealing with out of stock products can be very time-consuming.
  • their set up and monthly fees were too expensive. Many companies charge $1000's to set up a web site and up to $50 per month for hosting. In addition, extra set up charges and monthly fees are often required to be able to accept payment by credit card.



How are we different?

We can help you succeed because

  • we help bring traffic to your web site: the site comes pre-optimized for search engines and we give you the tools you will need to get the right people to your site
  • we provide you with a beautifully designed, turnkey website with high-quality, fast loading graphics to give you the image of a professional, well-established company.
  • we provide you with a state of the art shopping cart so customers can effortlessly place their order with only a few clicks
  • our security products are in high demand: the best advertisement for our products is the nightly news. Every time someone hears about a murder, a rape, abduction, or a robbery they are reminded of the need for security products. During the course of their lifetime most people (80%) will become a victim of a crime but only a very small percentage (less than 10%) currently own any type of product designed to protect themselves, their families, or their property.
  • our products are not readily available in retail stores: even though demand for security products is high, when was the last time you walked into a retail store and saw a good selection of security products? This causes people to look for these products online
  • our products can be sold at huge profit margins of up to 300%: you can make such high margins because you can buy from us at rock bottom wholesale prices. If you have done any price comparison you already know that our wholesale prices are the lowest in the country. When you buy from us you are dealing direct with the source so there is no "middleman markup". Our wholesale prices are the lowest in the country.
  • for a small monthly fee, we can handle customer service for you: we become your customer service department by providing you with a toll-free customer support number and Live Support Chat that will come directly to us. We will answer your customers product related questions immediately, removing the barriers to finalizing the sale and keeping your customer happy after the sale by answering product related questions or problems. We have chosen to spend the time and money to make this service available to you because studies have shown that adding a toll-free number and Live Support Chat to your web site can generate an amazing six times more sales! 
  • through our drop shipment program we become your warehouse and shipping department, eliminating all your costs associated with maintaining inventory and time required to process and pack orders. When you purchase a custom web site three years of authorized drop ship fees are included.
  • we have designed a completely automated order process: you could be on vacation in Hawaii and even without you knowing it an order can be placed on your site, payment for product and shipping deposited in your bank account, the order sent to us, and shipped to your customer using your return address
  • we handle all the site maintenance: new products will automatically be added to your site, discontinued products will automatically be removed, if any product is temporarily out of stock (which does not happen often) your customer will be notified that shipping will be delayed and will be told when it is expected to ship
  • affordable set up and monthly fees: to set up your web site we will charge you a onetime fee of $1988.00 and $38.00 for your yearly domain name registration (if needed), and $38.00 per month for hosting, site maintenance and product updates.... OPTIONAL: For an additional $98.00 per month we will provide you with a toll-free number so that we can handle all of your sales calls. You will also be able to accept payment by credit card (via Paypal) without paying a set up or monthly fee. We will help you set up your free account.

Let me say again that this is not a get rich quick scheme. We do not want to mislead you into thinking that all you have to do is purchase our custom web site and the money will come rolling in. Your online business, like any other legitimate business will require you to do some hard work to make it successful. We do not promise you that you will make millions but we do provide you with the best foundation possible for your success. We supply you with innovative, in demand products, a state of the art web site and shopping cart, we handle all of your site maintenance, customer service, order processing, warehousing, and shipping. This will allow you to spend more time promoting your web site. If you are not familiar with doing this don't let that intimidate you.

Now to summarize, here is what you get:


Get a professional looking Website with 100+ Professionally Designed Pages of Great-Selling Products: Security, Safety, Spy, and Gadgets. Site may be set-up to sell our products or you can add your own.Edit products with ease using our web-based product manager.


Site contains an advanced shopping cart system which allows your customers to effortlessly place their orders online

Completely Automated Order Process- an order is placed on your web site, the money is deposited in your account, and we ship the order with your return address

Web Hosting w/1000MB of Storage Space 


Your own domain name ( you do not have a domain name we will help you register one for you.

Unlimited email accounts with SPAM FILTERING (

Dropshipping Service ($199 Value)

2 FREE hours of design assistance included (we will help you integrate your own logos, banner ads, etc)

Site is fully SEO (Search Engine Optimized - $1500 Value)- the web site is written in a way that will help you with your search engine ranking. We will also submit your site to over 30 top search engines- FREE!

Advanced META Tag Editor, allows you to control your own marketing and keyword strategies

YOU have complete control- even those with little computer experience can make changes to their web

New Products, Out of Stock, and Discontinued Products Updated Automatically.

Web-Based Control Panel - Edit product descriptions, search engine keywords, etc. from anywhere in the WORLD!

Copy of each order is sent to you and to us automatically so you don't have to continually check your computer and forward orders to us!

Intensive statistics reporting so you will know how many people are coming to your site, what pages they are looking at, and how they are finding you.

Secure SSL Server- we use 128bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption which deploys the latest Secure Technology to ensure the security and integrity of your web site

We allow you to have complete control so even those without computer skills can change prices and product descriptions. Browse our website so that you may get an idea of what your web site will look like.



$1988.00 covers 1 time setup fee

$38.00 per year if you need us to register your domain name
(this does not apply if you already own your domain name)

$38.00 per month for web hosting, updates, and email accounts

 OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL $98.00 per month for us to handle all of your customer service via a toll free number and LiveSupport Chat .

That's it! No hidden charges.

Why So Inexpensive?

With Web site development companies charging thousands of dollars for similar web sites, people have told us that they were skeptical about our offer. Our low-price has caused people to think that their web site would be unprofessional or that we could not afford to give good customer service. We actually benefit from you having a successful web site because we sell only wholesale and we depend solely upon our dealers and wholesale customers to sell our products.

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