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GPS Vehicle Tracking Services and GPS Vehicle Trackers are offered by our Security Products Division at very low prices!

Our REAL TIME GPS Vehicle Trackers are installed and set-up very easily. The GPS Vehicle Tracker is an excellent tool to monitor your employees, catch your cheating spouse,  track a package, track vehicles or see what your children are doing away from your home. If you suspect something is going on behind your back and just need the solid proof, then that is what our GPS Trackers can do. GPS Vehicle Tracker accurately evaluates all travel activities with proof of exact date, time, speed, direction of travel and location. Our Security company also provides an array of other REAL TIME & PASSIVE  GPS Vehicle Trackers at various rates.


GPS Vehicle Tracker, Asset Tracker, Personal Trackers, GPS TrackingThe new miniature T-Tracker is the world's smallest completely self-contained, waterproof, magnetic-mount, real-time digital GPS asset tracking / person tracking / vehicle tracking device. It is perfect for all GPS vehicle tracking and vehicle surveillance applications. The real time GPS Tracker may easily and discreetly be hidden in a container, trailer, shipping pallet, vehicle, box, backpack or on anything you need to be track discreetly. The real time GPS vehicle tracker contains no wires and has no external antennas. The GPS Tracker works indoors and outdoors.

The T-Tracker allows you to track an asset / person / vehicle from your own PC or laptop on real time !


In addition to real-time user-defined-interval tracking capability, the T-Tracker features GPS logging capability which allows you to log historical asset / person / vehicle location data.

Our Real Time GPS Tracker and tracking website, allows the end user 24/7 easy access to the location of their vehicles, packages or loved ones in less than 30 seconds.

The T-Tracker Real Time GPS vehicle tracking system makes all other GPS Vehicle Trackers obsolete! No more complicated wiring or GPS antenna mounting. Due to new state-of-the-art "high sensitivity antenna" technology, the very small T-Tracker real time GPS Vehicle tracker is completely self contained with absolutely “NO” wires and “NO” external antennas, and the GPS Vehicle Tracker includes a built-in battery that can be recharged and may power the unit for an average of 20 days without recharging. (If you prefer a permanent 12 volt connection / installation, Real Time GPS unit is also available.)



Using assisted GPS (AGPS), and code division multiple access (CDMA) wireless cellular technology, the GPS Tracker locates vehicles or packages using a timed synchronized system that provides precise location fixes. Our GPS Tracking software plots the exact location of the GPS Tracker onto easy to see digital maps with satellite view available 24/7 from our website.

 This is the same GPS Vehicle Trackers that Detectives , Law Enforcement & Private Investigators use.

Small rugged portable waterproof package
No need for external antennae
Easy to install and hide
More sensitive than conventional GPS systems
Uses cellular and PCS bands
Over-the-air device management
Operates on existing cellular E911-mandated GPS reference service
USA Street-Level Mapping Software
GPS Tracker may operate up to 20 days (Depends greatly on vehicles activity)
True Real Time Internet Based Vehicle tracking Compatible with Mac and PC Computers
Built-In GPS Receiver
Built-In Enhanced GPS/GSM/CDMA Antenna
Waterproof Magnetic-Mount Enclosure (included)
Motion-Activated (conserves battery power)
Easy-Installation under vehicle with included heavy duty magnetic steel casing
Multiple Vehicle Tracking Capability
Mapping Software Displays Street Level Detail & Time/Date
Tracking Reports Provide Street Detail, Speed, Time/Date, and Longitude/Latitude
Easy installation with no external wires or antennas Small size for discrete placement Durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant Enhanced GPS sensitivity 
Retrieve, file or print instant history reports of all your vehicles or persons locations.  Our cost saving auto alert feature lets you know when a vehicle or person has entered or exited a designated pre-determined area (geo-fence).


Works where other systems fail
Can be discreetly mounted under vehicle
Geo-Fence alerts you when vehicle arrives or departs a predetermined area
Available to approximately 98% of the US population
Supports simultaneous multiple case management
Device functionality alerts (coverage & battery life)
10 or 20 day battery life









We protect your privacy. Your GPS Tracker / GPS Tracking system will be shipped in discreet packaging. 

If we charge your credit card, your credit card statement will show a charge from "ASI."

Buy a GPS Vehicle Tracker online and be in Total Control!

The GPS Tracking products and GPS equipment that are described and contained herein are to be used only in a legal and lawful manner in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. It is the purchaser's responsibility to ascertain the legality of these GPS Vehicle Tracking products and GPS Tracking equipment for the country and/or the state of residence.

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Our GPS Tracking rates are very now for a GPS Tracking quote & get the peace of mind you deserve.



Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss potential GPS Vehicle Tracking applications. Our security company and security services provide significant knowledge and experience with a diversity of GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions and GPS Trackers and would be pleased to assist our clients or provide a service quote on our GPS Tracking Products. ......Buy GPS Trackers online today !


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