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Cheating Spouses, Marital Infidelity , Cheating Husbands, Cheating Wives, Cheaters, Marriage Infidelity , Marriage Infidelity, Adultery or whatever you may want to call it, is literally just a breach of faith. Fidelity, derived from the Latin word for faithfulness, is the principle of not deceiving one capable of being deceived. Marital Infidelity or adultery is a breach of good faith that applies in a number of other contexts (for example religious). In the context of this article about close relationships, infidelity is referred to as cheating, which is \'any violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules or boundaries of a relationship. Infidelity does not require sexual behavior to qualify as infidelity. The definition of what constitutes an act of infidelity varies between and within cultures. People in a close relationship may have very different ideas and perceptions of infidelity. A husband cheated by his wife is referred to as a Cuckold but no equivalent word exists for a woman cheated by her husband. The term describes a married man whose wife has sex with other men and commit adultery.

Confirm your doubts today by investigating infidelity, investigating adultery, and investigate unfaithful spouses or spouse having an affair with the services of an expert infidelity private investigator. All Infidelity detectives are licensed to conduct infidelity investigation services , video spousal surveillance and domestic investigations.

Read some of the Warning signs of a Cheating Spouse.

A diversity of surveillance and infidelity investigation services and techniques and private investigation services can be utilized when you need the truth... Call our Private Detectives now to get the facts!

Some of the Infidelity Investigation Services conducted by our private investigators include: Spousal surveillance, video surveillance, hidden cameras, spy cameras, GPS Vehicle Tracking, GPS Vehicle Trackers, Undercover operations, Marital Investigations, Background checks, Computer Spy Software, Cheating Spouse Investigations, Domestic Investigations, Adultery Investigations and many more Infidelity Private Detective Services.


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Home >  Private Investigation Services >  Infidelity Investigations >  Definition of Infidelity
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