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CCTV Monitoring

Hi-Tech CCTV security systems advances and hi-tech video surveillance camera systems are reshaping video surveillance and CCTV Systems with crucial elements of security, safety and loss prevention tools now made available by our security company to all clients daily security or surveillance needs.

Remote CCTV Monitoring Services entails a virtual onsite security presence and security of the clients’ facility and total off-premises facilities control. Our security CCTV Department  conducts routine security guard patrols that may be incorporated with the off-site 24-hour CCTV surveillance monitoring of the clients facility. This CCTV monitoring may be relied upon to react in real time to any potential incidents or security breaches at the client’s facility.

Whether a retail store, shopping mall, shopping center, corporate office, executive office, home , wharehouse or factory our security service agency has a remote video monitoring  solution to meet our clients security service needs.

It is a known fact that CCTV surveillance cameras provide an aggresive visible deterrent for intruders or vandals. This technology of CCTV Remote monitoring is regularly used by Retail stores, store detectives, retail security guards, loss prevention security agents and undercover security guards. Remote CCTV security systems is an effective tool to monitor a clients facility or retail store against potential theft , vandalism or dishonest employees.

Our CCTV video surveillance security division offers all clients the best technology in “Remote CCTV Monitoring Services”. Our Remote CCTV Monitoring Services includes of a cutomized hi-tech CCTV monitoring and CCTV dispatch room with highly trained video surveillance security agents that may effectively monitor clients facility via internet CCTV Video security cameras which are installed at the clients remote locations and may be viewed 24 hours a day via a secured website. CCTV video surveillance footage feeds are displayed on a bank of CCTV surveillance monitors in real time and CCTV Monitoring operators effectively monitor all the CCTV video surveillance activity occuring to help prevent security breaches, incidents, vandalism, unauthorized entry, access control breaches, burglary, employee dishonesty, falsified employee hours worked etc.

Our Remote CCTV security camera systems can monitor and record a clients facility 24 hours a day or can monitor a facility during a specific number of  hours thus gathering and recording required video surveillance evidence which may document and prove vandalism, shoplifting, fake accident claims and other related security incidents. CCTV security system and Remote CCTV Monitoring Services from our security company will effectively improve management control,reduce employee turnover, reduce liability insurance. Most importantly, Remote CCTV Monitoring Services will provide clients with a secure environment for employees and CCTV Monitoring will protect company assets and protect personal assets from harm.

CCTV security systems from our security company allows clients to be capable of monitoring employee performance, identify visitors, Verify visitors, identity visitors, evaluate quality control, control unauthorized access,  observe daily events, record daily events, perform virtual patrols of the facility through the internet from anywhere in the world,  retrieve and playback previous recorded events in efforts to reduce theft from employees. Our security company has state of the art “Remote CCTV Monitoring Services” which allows our clients to easily monitor everything they wish to monitor remotely from the internet from the convenience of their home or office. As an option, clients may also opt to have our CCTV Monitoring security division to monitor the premises for them instead. CCTV Security cameras may be implemented to discreetly monitor offices, monitor hallways, loading docks, receiving docks, car lots, monitor parking lots, warehouse stock areas or any other area. The CCTV central station security camera operators view the premises remotely at scheduled intervals. Tour reports and video of activity are directlyvlogged within our CCTV Security Camera automation system. 

A very important benefit of implementing Remote CCTV Monitoring Services is the safety to the security guard staff as all security guard officers or other related employees are located away from the client’s facility. Our security guard personnel and CCTV Monitoring operators are well trained in CCTV systems and surveillance monitoring services.

With out a doubt, our “Remote CCTV Monitoring Services” can ensure the safety, security and video surveillance needs of the clients’ facility, property, family and employees. That explains why our Remote CCTV Video Surveillance technology provides a high cost-effective video surveillance solution to every clients security concerns. In fact, CCTV Monitoring has great cost savings when compared to the cost of onsite security guard personnel. Don’t be a victim of crime, enhance physical security effectiveness today with our state of the art CCTV security and surveillance systems and Remote CCTV Monitoring Services.

CCTV security camera operators from our security company are highly experienced and trained to quickly respond to any incident effectively as per the clients instructions. Whether it is a valid emergency, a false alarm or an access control situation, our CCTV security guard operators monitor the client’s premises effectively. If vandalism, an incident or an unauthorized entry occurs, our security guard personnel will dispatch a field patrol officer or a supervisor to the facilityb and may also contact local police or fire rescue, plus also contact the clients emergency contact person while recording all incident activities occurring at the site.

Contact us or email us for a free security quote or cctv surveillance system consultation....... Or to set up an appointment with a security service consultant.



Live DVR Camera Demo  

To View our DVR Demo (Internet Video Surveillance)   Click Here
This online demo will allow you to see a demo of network cameras live, in real-time over the internet from anywhere. This is an example of how you could view your office or home remotely from any web browser anywhere in the world. With your own passwords you could perform remote camera setup functions as well as view past surveillance recordings remotely over the internet.

The user id and password for our demo is "DEMO" .
Note: For privacy issues audio has been disabled in this demo.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss potential CCTV monitoring applications. Our security company and security services provide significant knowledge and experience in the area of security and surveillance and would be pleased to assist our clients or provide a service quote on our security cameras, security services, or “Remote CCTV Monitoring Services”.


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